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Too old to learn about digital marketing?

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More of a digital immigrant than a digital native? You're not alone. Over 50's are Australia’s fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs according to research by Swinburn University.

Without an understanding of how to engage audience through digital channels, any business, no matter what industry, is doomed. Marketing is overwhelmingly digitally driven these days. But staying relevant and up to date, let alone be ahead of the pack, is no mean feat.

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Five easy steps to designing your evergreen marketing funnel

woman success chair laptop.jpegThere's nothing like a brand-new year to inject fresh ideas into your small business marketing. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the idea of setting up marketing funnels then this post is for you. I am going to step you through an easy to follow process that will have your marketing engine humming in no time.

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5 top reasons to make eBooks part of your medical marketing strategy



Practitioners and marketers who wish to increase their reach and engage more patients and clients need to add eBooks to their medical marketing strategy. Here are five reasons why this makes sense.

No time to read the entire article? Read our eBook on the topic. You will see what an eBook looks like and how it works.

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Inbound Marketing In Australia: how to prove ROI (and secure more budget)

Prove_ROI_on_Marketing-1.png Australian and New Zealand marketers are highly confident about the effectiveness of their marketing strategy but demonstrating just how effective is a challenge.

When asked "Do you feel that your organisation's marketing strategy is effective?", 66% said "yes".

Yet when asked about their challenges, ANZ marketers said that demonstrating ROI on their marketing activities was their second biggest challenge after generating web traffic and leads (Source: HubSpot, The State of Inbound 2016).

This information suggests there is a massive gap in what marketers perceive is the effectiveness of their strategies and their ability to demonstrate this with accurate data.

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5 Ways to Make Your Blog Content More Digestible for Today's Reader


You've spent hours researching and crafting the perfect blogYou've spent hours re it.

If you suspect this is the case for your writing, I have sobering news for you: you are most likely right. New research shows that 43% of people admit to skimming blogs.

It is enough to make you want to give up on the entire blogging exercise.

With the glut of content that is being published digitally every day, this should hardly surprise us. Unless it is overwhelmingly obvious that there is a benefit for the reader to engage, our brains are wired to ignore most content.

Getting readers to click through to your article is, in itself, a triumph. Once they do, you want to be sure that they actually receive your message, even if that means they are not reading every single word.

Here are five ways you can make your blog posts more scannable.

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3 Things Every Accountant Needs to Know About Their Ideal Customer

marketing for accountantsMarketing for accountants is becoming more authentic and less interruptive. Customers are now in the driver's seat, which means that the businesses that are most helpful and empathetic stand to gain.

Accounting firms' marketing needs to reflect the way consumers and business buyers shop and buy today. Nowadays, more than three quarters of that buying process takes place online and for smart accounting firms, there is an opportunity to turn their marketing into a laser-focused lead generation method.

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