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Practitioners and marketers who wish to increase their reach and engage more patients and clients need to add eBooks to their medical marketing strategy. Here are five reasons why this makes sense.

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#1 eBooks show you who visits your website

Getting lots of visitors to your website is great but in the end they are just numbers. In order to get your marketing across in a more relevant and personal way we need to know who is visiting your website. eBooks help you achieve this.

The way it works is that someone who visits your site is presented with a call to action to download an eBook on a topic that is relevant to them. To get access to the eBook they need to enter their name and email address. So an exchange takes place. 



Upon completing the form the person gains access to the eBook and as the website owner you have just added a new contact that can be enrolled into a lead nurture program. This then enables you to engage the contact with more content which they will find relevant and helpful to their decision making.

#2 They demonstrate your expertise

eBooks are one method of delivering an education based marketing strategy. Educating your buyer is a smart thing to do. It creates informed buyers and positions you as the subject matter expert. This fosters trust, meaning that unappealing hard-sell can remain in its box.

Done strategically, educating potential customers with relevant content will also helps the qualification process, so that you will achieve a higher lead to customer conversion rate. More time spent with qualified prospects is a sound way to lower your cost of customer acquisition.

#3 They guide buyers through the decision-making process

If you think strategically about what your buyers need to know at each stage of the buying process, you can develop your eBooks to reflect that. Buyers who are only in the awareness stage will have seek high level information whereas people who are in the consideration stage will be looking more pertinent information. For example, someone who is considering an elective procedure may want to know whether a procedure is covered by private medical insurance or they may want to understand what the typical recovery time is for their procedure.

#4 They're long-term digital assets

eBooks are digital assets that you use to generate ongoing returns in the form of leads and customers. Over the years our clients have built up significant libraries of eBooks and Guides that continue to attract web traffic and leads. Most of the eBooks we create for our clients are timeless or evergreen as we like to refer to it. Some of our best converting today were created 2 years ago.

#5 They can be a strong differentiator

Even though increasingly marketers are discovering that education based marketing is effective, many medical marketers are lagging behind when it comes to making blogs and eBooks an integral part of their marketing and lead generation strategy. This presents a wonderful opportunity for savvy marketers to position their medical practice or brand as thought leaders and educators in their space. The benefits are increased online brand awareness and a more consistent influx of highly targeted leads.

 Wondering how it all fits together? We've put together an eBook on digital lead generation strategy. It contains a step by step description of how it works and more detail on how eBooks with in. You can download it by clicking the banner below.

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