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Generating leads and finding new customers to meet  your business development goals and grow your firm is an ongoing pain for many partners and managers of professional services firms. Accountants, lawyers and other professional services providers often feel struggle with meeting increasingly challenging revenue goals. More than 93% of accountants say they rely on their referrer network, trade associations and one to one networking to identify new business opportunities but the volume of leads is simply insufficient to meet their business development goals.

This explains why more and more professional services firms are adopting Inbound Marketing as method of generating leads and building a sales pipeline that compliments the referrer network and event marketing.

You, of course do get it: Inbound Marketing is the way forward. The problem is with your partners. They are so conservative when it comes to embracing the internet and they are straight out sceptical about anything that involves social media or blogging. 

Get their attention with these stats!

1. Inbound Marketing is cheaper than outbound

Reducing cost is something that most analytical minded execs do get excited about, let alone accountants. Showing them a way to reduce the cost per lead will get them to listen. So how much cheaper are inbound leads exactly? How about a staggering 61% less (source: search engine journal).

So now you have got their attention. Right? Not so fast...

Inbound marketing takes effort and time (like most things worth doing). Particularly social media management, writing blog posts and putting together email marketing campaigns are time consuming. The good news is that marketers who have adopted inbound say it is worth the extra effort as it generates good quality leads at a lower cost.




Quick Start Inbound Marketing Tip:

Hit the ground running with your inbound marketing campaign by getting some help from an inbound certified marketing consultant. 

2. Companies who blog generate 126% more leads 

Better leads and more of them are the hallmarks of a successful lead generation program. The stats around blogging are pretty convincing - companies that blog generate more leads, like 126% more that those that don't. You can see why content marketing and blogging are crucial elements of a succesful inbound marketing strategy. 



Blogging Tip 1:

Up the ante with your blogging efforts by writing relevant content for your ideal customer and where they are at in the buying cycle.


3. Increasing your blog publishing frequency leads to more customers

Increasing the frequency with which you post to your blog, unsurprisingly, generates more leads faster. Of businesses that blog 43% say that they have won customers from their blogging efforts. Of those that publish to their blog every day, a staggering 82% say they have won customers as  direct result of their blog. 


Bonus Blogging Tips:

  • Keep your content interesting.
  • Adopt a blogging frequency that is managable with the resources your have.
  • Create a content calendar. 
  • Repurpose content (eg turn a blog post into a podcast, video, slideshare or infographic). 



Adopting inbound marketing opens up previously untapped channels for lead generation in a way that compliments traditional referrer networking perfectly. Research shows that inbound marketing signifcanlty lowers the cost per lead and that content marketing and blogging generates quality leads with a high close rate.

Is your firm ready to reduce its dependence on the, frequently patchy, referrer network? If so, it is time to consider Inbound Marketing.



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Wendy Coombes

Written by Wendy Coombes

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