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woman success chair laptop.jpegThere's nothing like a brand-new year to inject fresh ideas into your small business marketing. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the idea of setting up marketing funnels then this post is for you. I am going to step you through an easy to follow process that will have your marketing engine humming in no time.Which small business owner has time to constantly create and implement new campaigns on a regular basis? The concept I am going to show you is for an evergreen campaign that will put your lead generation on autopilot. Let's get started.

No time to read the full article? Download the marketing funnel success kit and get started now.

1. It is all about your ideal client

Let's make 2017 the year in which you get to work with clients you actually enjoy working with. I know plenty of business owners who ventured out on their own so they no longer had to work with jerks. Guess what? Many find themselves doing exactly that in their own business.

So think about two or three clients you love doing business with. Write down their names and then a few bullet points underneath (no more than five) describing what makes them such great clients. It might be that they really appreciate you, pay their bills on time or you deliver your best work for them.

The point of the exercise is to get you thinking about what type of client you want to have more of so you will become more effective at identifying them and communicating with them.

2. Create your ideal customer profile

The previous step has helped you identify your ideal customer. In this step we are going to take a deep dive into what makes this person tick. If you need help with this, the marketing funnel success kit includes a ideal persona profiling template that will help you with this. You really want to think about what makes this person tick:

  • What are their pain points, goals and challenges
  • Where do they go for information
  • Which type of words and phrases do they use

This exercise will give you ideas about how you can help them solve a problem without directly pitching your product or service. The purpose of our campaigns is to build trust and guide them to a purchase decision.

3. Map your buyers journey

Funnel.pngToday's buyer is very self directed and highly informed. As a consequence, they are less likely to contact a vendor or leave it until they have all but made a decision. In some cases they are are up to 90% through the purchase decision making process.

Here's a cold hard fact. As marketers, unless we are in buyer's field of awareness early during the buying process our chances of influencing their purchase decision are minimal."

To be successful with funnel marketing or really any type of marketing it is essential that we understand how we can be of service to our ideal customer at each stage of their buyer's journey. Page six of the marketing kit will give you a host of examples on how you can do this and they are already mapped to each stage of the buyer's journey so I've made it easy for you

4. Brainstorm Content Ideas

Ask yourself what your ideal clients needs to know at each step during their decision-making process. Then jot down some ideas around what resources they might find helpful. These resources are frequently referred to as lead magnets. Think eBooks, templates, tip sheets, calculators etc. As mentioned earlier the marketing funnel success kit contains great ideas that have already been mapped to each stage of your funnel.

The lead magnet is the primary resource that enables you to capture your buyer into your funnel. When they register for your lead magnet they give you their email address and from this point forward you can run your email campaign to them.

A word of warning this is not an open invitation to spam the living daylights out of your new lead. Tread carefully and make your communications relevant and helpful without being salesy. Only through building trust can you earn the right to market your solution to them.

5. Decide on your "step two offer"

A step two offer is the mechanism by which you can guide your new lead down the funnel into the consideration stage. So your step two offer needs to be relevant to the stage they are now entering. Think critically about what this offer should look like. It might be a consultation, a trial, a calculator. It all depends on your industry and your ideal client.

Your Action Plan

  • Create your lead magnet
  • Decide on your step two offer and create the content for it
  • Research the marketing tools or apps you want to use (the the marketing funnel success kit has a list of suggestions)

So there you have it. Five steps to building an evergreen marketing funnel. I know, there is a bit of work involved. However you should not find it difficult to do each of these steps because you are already an expert in your field.

Block off some time in your diary and get started. If you do one item each day you will have it done and dusted within a week. Or knock it over during a weekend if you feel so inclined :-).

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