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More of a digital immigrant than a digital native? You're not alone. Over 50's are Australia’s fastest-growing segment of entrepreneurs according to research by Swinburn University.

Without an understanding of how to engage audience through digital channels, any business, no matter what industry, is doomed. Marketing is overwhelmingly digitally driven these days. But staying relevant and up to date, let alone be ahead of the pack, is no mean feat.No problem if you love all things digital and have been involved in tech businesses all your adult life. But what about the rest of us? The rate of change is phenomenal and, from what I hear from my peer "non digital natives", many feel overwhelmed just figuring out what is relevant and what isn't. When it comes to digital marketing "it's like learning a new language" someone said to me recently. What does not help here is that plain English is an afterthought for many marketers preferring to resort to communicate in jargon, metrics and marketing lingo in general.

So what is a digital immigrant to do?

There is no shortage of excellent education based content at our finger tips these days. A lot of it is free but there are also some great courses available at very reasonable cost.

If you are in a hurry to upskill and wish do so from the comfort of your own home and at your own speed you may like to check out these resources:

Some of these sites host material by well known educators and bloggers. Not all of it is free but a membership is $8 -$12 (last time I checked Skillshare) and will give you access to all premium content.

Have a look at some of the courses available. I challenge you not to be inspired by some of the materials you will find.

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